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Does Meniscal Surgery Increase Risk of OA?

Surgery for meniscal tears may increase the risk of osteoarthritis and cartilage loss, according to results of a study presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) on December 3. According to an RSNA press release, the study examined magnetic resonance imaging of 355 knees that developed osteoarthritis in the past 5 years—31 knees that  [ Read More ]

Over the years, I have consulted and treated hundreds of runners, from average joggers to marathoners, professional athletes and high school athletes. Foot and ankle injuries, including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, fibularis tendonitis and posterior tibialis strain are the most common we see among this population. Treatment for these types of injuries presents additional challenges when dealing with runners given  [ Read More ]

Michigan is one of only two states that continue to deny direct consumer access to the services of a physical therapist. Forty-eight (48) states, the District of Columbia, and the US military have granted consumers the freedom to seek physical therapy evaluation and treatment without a referral. No state that has enacted a direct consumer access law has ever repealed  [ Read More ]

Say YES to Direct Consumer Access to Physical Therapy Services in Michigan! Support SB 690! STOP waiting for a physician referral!

President Obama’s federal budget proposal would close the loophole that allows physician self-referrals for physical therapy services—a change long supported by APTA that would improve quality of care and lower Medicare costs. If adopted by Congress, the FY 2015 budget would eliminate exceptions that now apply to physical therapy, radiation therapy, anatomic pathology, and advanced imaging. The Office of Management  [ Read More ]